“I met Warren when he tried to hustle me out of a snooker cue on eBay, we've been friends ever since, I asked him for something different and he delivered.”

Andrew Ramsay



ADR147 (Andrew Ramsay), Perthshire, Scotland, UK


Snooker cues and merchandise.





ADR147 is a professional cue maker and seller in Scotland. Andrew came to me after he sold me a cue and we got talking about snooker cue makers, we noted that none of them really had much of a logo back then, and were predominantly made up of standard type faces.

Andrew wanted something different, not your usual typeface, and no imagery or iconography to replace any letters etc. So this was a bastardisation of type experiment over 10 years ago.

I made a logo and a cue badge for his own cues, but he’s used the logo on all his merchandise too. He’s even sponsoring Rebecca Kenna professional female snooker player (header image).