Luminous was the first of three nights that my friend Daddy Rich and myself ran together. It was monthly for 3 years at Bar Fluid in Farringdon, London, just a few doors down from Fabric, which designated the bar a bit of a pre-party venue for the super club.

A small selection of some of the flyers I made for the night are shown here, please be gentle as it’s some very early Photoshop work made in the 90s! There was an original logo once, but in the spirit of Stussy we changed it up, a lot.

MODern B-boy

MODern B-Boy was the second night we ran in 90s. This was another monthly but ran for 2 years at The Clinic on Gerrard Street in Soho, I think the building has been made into flats now. This was a crazy idea to have Mod DJs on the bar level with guests from Brighton and further afield, with breakbeats upstairs, my area. Rich even insisted on the Mod slogan as our slogan.

The logo was a trace of a photo of an old beat box from a magazine, with some (looks a bit dodgy now) typography for the logotype. Here’s a small selection of the flyers I could find.

Beat Me Daddy

The 3rd and last night only had a few mights before the venue Katabatic got taken over by The Medicine Bar. I took the name from a lyric from The Theme from S-Express, which I also used as my DJ Radio show name on CN Soho Live, one of the first internet radio stations in the early 00s.

I made the logo type, and the flyers, but I asked my friend and illustrator Paul Mitchell to draw me as a DJ spanking a blond on the decks, and he drew the fantastic illustration you see, for the second flyer I asked for the same but in the style of Ralph Steadman, I’d just read Fear and Loathing!

Random Others

I met so much talent back then, big shouts to: Skeewiff, DJ Love, Stretch Taylor, Jay Cunning, Malinna, Ian Davy, Atomic Hooligan, Krafty Kuts, Superstar DJs, DJ Creaminal, Freddy Fresh, Stabilizer, Plastic Raygun, Johnny Reggae, Bushy & Professor, Ali B, Lexi Love, Organic Audio, Cut La Roc, Ramon Santana (Los Chicarrons), Skeg (Breakin’ Bread), Ben from Cornershop, Ollie Memphis, Charles Large and many more I can’t remember ☹️.