“As a designer Warren gives the client an original and personalised approach, which I felt complimented my own work as an artist.”

Anthony Armstrong


Anthony Armstrong, Perthshire, Scotland, UK


Artist, Painter.


2009 – 2016


The first thing Anthony asked me for was a logo, and I was a little surprised, surely an artist’s logo is the signature they use to sign their work? After a lengthy chat with Anthony we decided on exactly that.

I scanned many versions of his signature, isolated and vectorised them, manually and using Illustrator’s auto-tracing capabilities, to end up with an amalgamation of parts that combined to make the final logo, this resulted in it being unique, but still recognisable as Anthony’s signature.

Orange was chosen as the logo colour as this was the colour most frequently used by Anthony to sign his paintings in the large batch of photos he sent me.


The website was an opportunity for Anthony to showcase his paintings for sale, alongside contact details for a private discussion with any buyer. It was a simple Gallery site, made in Flash using Gaia framework (for deep linking) and XML to populate site content, this made it really easy to update. It was a great little site for its time (made in 2009), however Anthony has since decided to use other ways to sell his paintings.

This image is all I could find to prove it even ever existed! Click the link to learn more about Anthony.

Print Materials

Various print materials have been made over the years, there was a flyer to promote the site, which Anthony actually individually hand signed, it’s a shame but I couldn’t find one of these, just the version with the space for his signature shown here.

There were also banners for gallery openings, posters, a brochure, stationery, and more, below is a sample of the work, mostly using mock-ups as the originals are long gone.