“Warren is not only very creative... with Warren you benefit from his training and career background in agencies in London.”

Ronan McCarthy | Founder | Shoeshine Express


Shoeshine Express, Richmond, Surrey


Shoeshine Services


2008 – 2018



Shoeshine Express started life as The Spit ‘n’ Polish ShoeShine Company back somewhere around 2005. It was founded by a late, great friend of mine Cormac Jordan, set up as a simple on-site shoeshine service in the City of London, his shiners went from company to company and shined shoes whilst people sat and worked!

When Ronan McCarthy took over he had recently come back from a business trip in the US, here he saw just how prolific shoeshine services were, with major brand leaders, and wanted to bring a similar experience to the UK.

In 2009 he rebranded as Shoeshine Express, he wanted to get away from the classic look and move to a more modern one, to align with his new ideas of bringing fixed stands with race car seats to airports, underground and railway stations, a fully fitted out mobile van, and exhibition concession stand services to boot.



Dark Red






Blue-Grey 2





The website was made in 2009, before I knew how to make a responsive site. If you visit the site my apologies in advance if you are viewing on a mobile device!

It was a simple html site to showcase the Shoeshine Express various services and locations, to recruit staff and link up to social. I hope to one day get the chance to revamp the site.

Print Materials

I’ve designed all kinds of print for Shoeshine Express and Spit ‘n’ Polish over the years; flyers, brochures, adverts, an exhibition stand, even a typeface for van decals.

But I don’t want to bore you with the details, so here’s a small selection from our 10 years working together, including some great shots of the seats designed by Fieldwork, and the van by Masters Exhibitions. All following branding colours.