“We are disrupting the Telecare industry and we needed a modern brand to help us on our mission, what Warren delivered exceeded our expectations.”

Rachel Smith | CEO | Care Direct


Care Direct Technology Ltd., Cardiff, South Wales, UK


Telecare, Home Monitoring


2019 – Ongoing



At its conception Care Direct had primary functions of connectivity between carers, patients and family with a detailed medication reminder. However it has evolved into much more now as a full passive home monitoring solution aimed at a wide variety of users, but it does still have a medication reminder function!

The logo was made by taking a pill shape, overlaying a pharmacy green cross shape, then subtracting the cross from the pill to reveal the initials of the company, with a larger pill shape surrounding it in the Care Direct Gradient.

Care Pink


Care Purple


Care Yellow


Headings – Google Montserrat


glib jocks quiz nymph to vex dwarf

Body – Google Open Sans


the five boxing wizards jump quickly

Identity Guidelines

When it came to assembling the Style Guide PDF that would usually accompany an identity like this, with logo variations, links to fonts, colours, etc. it occurred to me a better solution might be a password protected site, so a page on the main Care Direct site was created that all members of staff could access.

This not only served as the bible, with everything you would expect from a style guide, but also as a repository where staff could download files too, such as the logo in whatever style and format they require, or an app icon. In time it will be expanded to contain templates for social posts, documents, presentations and more. I call it the BrandLab.

I can’t give you access unfortunately, but I can show you some screens.

App Design

Designing the app was a very collaborative process. It started off as a conversation with the CEO Rachel Smith, drilling down on the business needs of the app and the user’s expectations. This was followed up with many discussions and workshops and conversations with the excellent development team, who actually made the app in React Native, initially headed up by Pedro Simao, and now run by Pete Nicholson, and also with the business and operations teams.

Over many months, during various pilots, anonymised feedback from real world users was received and analysed to help us to make a better product. This enabled us to expand the idea beyond simple communication and reminders, into the full home monitoring system it is today with door and window sensors, heat sensors, movement sensors, non-intrusive cameras, a smart hub and smart watch and personal alarm wearables.

The development of the app continues to be a full team effort with everybody in the company having a part, and me still helping out on occasion.

The app was designed to work on both the Android and iOS stage, adhering to store guidelines where possible, but blurring the lines a little where needed. It is available on both the Play Store and on the App Store.


The website is a further expression of the marketing deck content and was primarily written by Rachel Smith, CEO and Heather Perkins, Relationship Manager. However, there were contributions from all of the team at Care Direct.

The target audience for the site is the patient, the carer, and the institution that may want to adopt the technology for an entire practise or more. The dev team made a great accompanying Shopify shop site for the sales using the branding outlined in the style guide.

As part of development of the site, and the marketing deck, I created icons to reflect each device, and they have changed a lot over 2 years, by this count I’ve made over 20.

Print Materials

The roll-up banners, flyers and brochure were all created in 2020, however, the devices and much else has changed since then, so no doubt these will be on the list for an update soon. All utilise new branding elements in the background, to liven it up a bit.

Marketing Deck

Over the last 2 years, since conception, we have created many presentations for Care Direct, and most are confidential, however the Marketing Deck has always been the main deck showcasing the main benefits of the products. Luckily there’s nothing confidential in this deck so I can show you some of it.