“We love the work Warren has done for CloseComms, this made him an obvious choice to help us develop the mPhase and mPower brand."

Anshu Bhatnagar | CEO | mPhase Technologies


mPhase Technologies, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA


Technology Infrastructure and Software


2021 – Ongoing




I first met the team at mPhase Technologies in 2020 (over Zoom, like everyone else in 2020) when they invested in CloseComms and 21:32. When Anshu Bhatnagar was appointed CEO of mPhase in 2019 he decided to take the business on a very different path. He laid out the new plan; to combine our consumer engagement platform we developed at 21:32 with EV charging services and 5G Wi-Fi services layered over the top. It’s a grand vision with a lot of moving parts.

The existing mPower brand was a legacy from when mPhase developed a smart nano-battery (sounds very cool), it followed the styling of the parent mPhase company logo, they wanted to take the brand in a new direction.

I decided the logo should convey speed, as this is what people want out of everything these days, especially how long it takes to charge an EV or connect online. I also thought the logo should give a nod to the EV charging; the 5 dots shaped like an “M” reflect the charging connectors on a type 2 charging plug, which is the most common connection.

Original Logo

New Logo

mPower 5G

The team at mPower were very happy with the new brand, so then decided they wanted a separate 5G logo, retaining the mPower logo typeface, with an added “5G”. After a few iterations we decided on the version you see here, with a simple outline, with parts cut off, so the 5G is now constructed of open ended lines, like connections.

Electric Blue


Light Blue


Accent Yellow


Headings – Google Titillium Web


Watch Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek’s fun TV quiz game

Body – Google Noto Sans


Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs

mPhase Website

The next task was to give the parent company mPhase Technologies a new look, they wanted to retain the original logo for legacy reasons, but give it a new feel. The existing website was very corporate looking, with disparate content, and no clear direction or message.

It was decided by the team at mPhase that the new site should primarily focus on what we’re doing with mPower, so a simple one-page site was developed, with copy provided by Mark Forney and other members of the team. After a few prototype designs made in Sketch it was an unanimous decision to go with a dark global theme.

mPower App Design

The mPower app is an extension of the QSR app we developed under the 21:32 brand. It has many of the same functions in that it matches deals with users, but it does it a little differently, it focuses on the users day, and the charging points in the network. Helping users plan an easy day of charging their EV whilst they go about their normal day, offering them deals around the charging locations.

Example Use Case

A user has a 300 mile journey to plan, but the maximum distance a full charge of their vehicle will travel is 250 miles, the mPower map gives them the best route, recommending the fastest and cheapest charge points on the journey, and deals they could make use of, such as a Subway deal they can redeem whilst charging their vehicle.

The app is being developed to work on both the Android and iOS platform, as usual adhering to store guidelines whenever possible, but adding unique or combined elements where needed. It’s in testing right now, with a 2021 Q3 release expected, and will be available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Prototype Screens

Final version may (will) vary

mPhase Investor Deck

Finally, after creating the logos, website and designing the app it was time to take all of that branding across to the stale investor deck. The deck is a rework of existing material mPhase already had with added content from Mark Forney and the rest of the mPhase team.

You can see some stills here, but the real things is fully animated, if you want to check it out you can see it here.