Bitcoin Wales

I’ve been involved in a few crypto related projects over the past few years, most of which are with my good friend Stephen Draycott, who is the founder of Bitcoin Wales. When he came to me for a logo we workshopped quite a few ideas, until giving in and just taking the Bitcoin logo and adding ‘Wales’ in the same typeface, but in a different weight and in BTC orange.

I also made the site, which was written by Craig from Dragon Bitcoin, Jason Griffiths and Stephen Draycott, if you’ve ever wanted to learn about Bitcoin it’s a great place to start. Check out the site by pressing the laptop or the link underneath.

CryptoBuild create cutting-edge crypto software platforms.

BLQ (BitLiquid) is CryptoBuild’s Binary Options Trading Platform.

Value International Exchange Wales. A token for the community; education, inclusion, participation. Coming soon!

Q-Bar Tech is another exciting project I’m working on that’s attempting to gamify the world of trading even more!

Coin Janitor

I met Theo Morgan-Somers, CIO of Coin Janitor through Steve at a Bitcoin Wales Meetup. He explained that they were after a logo, and had a very specific idea in-mind, an old man janitor cleaning up the coins!

I made the logotype and the Janitor, we went through quite a few revisions until they got the Janitor they wanted, as seen here. I didn’t make the website, but there’s a link in the logo below if you want to know more about the project.